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April 2017

Guest Blog: Slightly Drunk Brexiteer

By | April 2nd, 2017|Updates|

Occasionally, we hear some great stories from inside our closed group. This morning, we got another fantastic one which is too good not to share. So, here it is…

“Slightly drunk Brexiteer on the train home last night, loudly discussing their celebrating Independence meal with his wife, among other general complaints about life, immigration etc.

‘Ah well’ he says ‘only a few more years and we can move to Spain…’
Small woman sitting opposite me, who must have been 90 at least, dressed to the nines, clearly on way home from the theatre, leans over and says to the couple,
‘Excuse me. You won’t be able to move to Spain, that’s in Europe and you’ve voted to leave.

It’s called freedom of movement and you’ve cleverly voted to take us out of the EU. And anyway, the very least you can do, now you’ve voted to take us out of a peace inducing closer cooperation with our neighbours, is have the decency to stick around and live with the consequences. You can’t just fuck up the country and then fuck off’

She got a round of applause…”

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February 2017

The 48 and Beyond – Join now!

By | February 25th, 2017|Updates|

A few days after the referendum in June last year, we started a group on Facebook called The 48%. The aim of the group was to give remain voters a place to discuss and debate the outcome, however, overnight the group grew by the thousands. As of today, the group sits at 56,000+ members and is still growing. The aim of the group moving forward is to create a platform for remain folk to discuss ways of retaining the UK’s position within the European Union. whether it’s comfort or advice, discussion or assistance, the group has provided all of these for months. Over the next few months, as the exit process begins, we are going to need to stick together and through doing so, we can influence and change the approach and deal we get upon our exit. Please remember to like our public Facebook page, follow us on twitter and Instagram to remain in the loop.

The group page currently promotes local groups, giving thousands of people the opportunity to join a pro-EU community near them. We don’t post these local groups on the public page but do share them in the private group. If you would like to join one of the hundreds of local groups, join the group below and just ask for help finding yours. 

Join the group: HERE

Like the page: HERE

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