Veteran politician and newly elected leader of the Liberal Democrats, Vince Cable, has recently said the ‘Older generation with nostalgia for the empire has shafted Britain’s youth’ – Link to that article HERE

This is a sweeping statement and one that totally ignores the large crowd of older remain voters, who I’m sure would like to remind Vince that they exist.

However, in a country where the media is filled with sweeping statements and soundbites, is a quote like this really all that surprising?

Being on the Remain side thought, and given the statistics we now know, it is easy to see how this quote might ring true.

A large proportion of the older, eligible electorate voted in favour of leaving, which would explain Vince’s thoughts completely.

But if you look deeper into the leave camp’s echo chambers, you will read endless comments about how the youth simply don’t respect what the older generation has fought for.

Those who say the youth don’t respect what their grandparents fought for, are simply trying to find reasons to knock them because they don’t want to accept reality.

Nowhere in the Remain camp, has anyone ever suggested that the youth aren’t grateful for the sacrifices their grandparents made in an era of great loss and suffering.

It is, with the past in mind, that the youth of today are inspired by the European Union.

Being nostalgic and looking back on the good times is something both sides of the EU debate can agree on, but suggesting that we should revert back to old ways and cower away from inclusivity, openness, and tolerance is the sole reason most of today’s youth continue to fight for membership of the European Union.

The EU symbolises those very things, inclusivity, openness, and tolerance and promotes a forward thinking attitude towards the world we must strive for. If only small steps, admittedly with bumps in the road, the EU is leading the way for a better world and simply raising the white flag and calling it a day is not only a monumental act of self-harm, but a real stab in the back for those who will eventually inherit a place less like the one they really want.

For all of those reasons, the youth have every right to be upset and angry with the result of the referendum.

One young Remain voter said “We will continue to fight back against the servile and inaccurate reporting of the UK’s media, and will do all we can to forge a more prosperous future”

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